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Professional Stunt Services

Accredited Stunt Training Courses

Looking For Stunt Work?
If you're looking for professional, stunt services that can provide the profiles you’re looking for quickly and within budget, DSS has accredited, experience stunt performers ready to go now. More about Professional Stunt Services?
For all those men and women serious about becoming professional stunt performers, DSS provides accredited stunt training courses that will teach you all the tricks, rules and requirements of the trade placing safety and professionalism as our highest core values. More about DSS Courses?
It's more than talent. If you've got the right attitude, training, focus, fitness and a healthy respect for safety and that of those around you, DSS is interested. If you have what it takes, contact us to find out about what work we have available.
Sensei Delivering a powerful kick


Pioneer of a diverse local stunt industry
Martial artist, dancer, sports model and stunt school founder Sensei Thulani Ndlovu is not sitting around, writes TYRONE AUGUST. The ability of the human body to be transformed is endless: on the one hand, it can be trained to become a deadly weapon; on the other, it can be honed into grace and beauty in perfect motion. Sensei Thulani Ndlovu seems determined to explore the full range of these possibilities. See Articles