Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

To become successful in the stunt industry, firstly, you need to be willing to put in the work, and you need to be willing to put in the time, then you will make it as a stunt performer.

1.You need to have a never-ending keenness for new skills, you need to train consistently, and you need to network constantly.

2. You need to already have some sort of sports background, such as: *Martial Arts: Karate, Judo, Kick Boxing, Aikido, Boxing and Wrestling & other

*Physical Fitness: Athletics, Body Building & other

*Dance: African Classical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Modern & other

*Acting experience: Film, Television, Video, Theater & other

*Field Sports: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Skateboarding & other

*xtreme Sports: Sky diving, Gymnastics, Trampoline, Rock Climbing & other , but this is not absolute.

Why are Dimensional Stunt School courses better than other stunt schools? Other than the fact that Dimensional Stunt School is the 1st and the only recognized and accredited stunt training institution on the African Continent, Many stunt schools out there have a cowboy mentality. A student pays a lot of money to come do a couple of push ups, pull up and sit ups, back flips in a wire rig and it's considered "training". But that student leaves with no real understanding of how and why they did what they did, and little or no confidence that they'll be able to do it again.

Stunt work requires more than experience. Stunt work requires skill, understanding, ability and confidence in your ability. Dimensional Stunt School programmes offer you more than just a bunch of tumble and rolls, more than just an experience. At Dimensional Stunt School, we offer you the tools you need to truly understand the stunt industry, and to be able to Prepare, Set up, Execute and Evaluate stunt performance no matter the situation.

Training is done progressively. Each day you'll learn and refine skills that will reinforce and enhance your training in the days ahead, and ultimately allow you to adapt to any stunt situation you face in the real world of stunt work. Our training methods make your actions second nature, allowing you to focus on a single new challenge at a time. This makes your training more effective and allows you to progress farther, faster, and with more confidence. In addition to superior training techniques, we offer you the training time you deserve. The best instruction in the world is useless if you don't have the opportunity to practice the techniques you learn.

What are Dimensional Stunt School qualifications?


*Africa’s 1st accredited Stunt Training Institution;

*Conduct courses that are aligned with the registered NQF unit standards;

 *Employ facilitators who are Accredited Assessors;

*Offer the highest quality of stunt training in Africa, in keeping with the international health and safety standards;

*Represent trained and other physical performers by providing access to the film and television industry through the D.S.S Xtreme Talent Agency;

*Contribute to the growth and diversity of stunt skills both locally and abroad.

Our experienced facilitators has over 2 decades combined experience teaching Safety & Teamwork around stunts, Stunt acting /performing & Special effects, On-set behaviour and etiquette, Falls, tumbles & landings, Fights - traditional, martial arts & groups, Weapons - blades, clubs &other, Firearms, explosives & burns, Climbing & abseiling .

I want to become a stunt performer. You have several courses, which one should I take? For students just beginning their journey to become stunt performers, we recommend attending our NQF level 4 Foundation Stunt Training Course. This is a 1-month (4 weeks) full time course consisting of 9 modules, each containing several components appropriate to the needs of the Stunt and the Film Industry. and covering knowledge (theory) and skill (practical) aspects.

Our NQF level 4 Foundation Stunt Training Course is the most comprehensive stunt training course available.

What kind of stunts will we learn?

Our NQF level 4 Foundation Stunt Training Course consists of 9 modules, each pertaining several components appropriate to the needs of the Stunt Industry.


1.Introduction: What is a stunt performer?

2.Safety & Teamwork around stunts

3.Stunt acting /performing & Special effects

4.On-set behaviour and etiquette

5.Falls, tumbles & landings

6.Fights - traditional, martial arts & groups

7.Weapons - blades, clubs &other

8.Firearms, explosives & burns

9. Climbing & abseiling


Trainees will be assessed using the following methods:

a)Written tests

b)Verbals tests & discussions based on observation

c)& Critical feedback during sessions

d)Practical tests

Who can attend the Stunt  Training Course?

Dimensional Stunt School is open to anyone with an interest in learning stunt work and becoming a stunt performer. We train stunt performers, actors, models, extras and people with an interest in expanding their skill set in stunt work. Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Stunt work is physically challenging, so we ask that applicants be in good physical condition.

 Is your training safe?

Safety is our first concern. Every precaution is taken to insure trainee safety. Students train under the constant supervision of our experienced facilitators.

 What do I receive?

Graduates receive:

*The NQF Level 4 certification and a unique accreditation number towards further education within the stunt industry.

*Our professional editor will edit the best examples of your stunt training together into a 3 minutes demo reel. 4 weeks after the course you'll receive a DVD of your reel and a CD of high-resolution still photos taken during the course. All photos and video are yours to use in any way you like

*Lastly you receive a non -tangible exceptional, inspiring and highly professional training experience to serve as a strong foundation for the ongoing development of your skills and future work prospects.