NQF Level 4 “Stunt Training & Business Course

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NQF Level 4 “Stunt Training & Business Course

Dates: 03/02/2014 until 30/04/ 2014.
The NQF level 4 Stunt Training & Business Course is a 3-months (12 weeks) full time course consisting of 6 registered unit standards.

Course Description: 
  • Perform stunts for film, television, video and live events -15 credits
  • Demonstrate understanding of the implementation of occupational health, safety and environmental legislation in the work place- 9 credits
  • Select areas of specialisation in film, television and video production-15 credits
  • Work as a project team member - 8 credits
  • Prioritise time and work for self and team -5 credits
  • Negotiate an agreement or deal in an authentic work situation - 5 credits



Course Price: 
Cost: R18, 900. Deposit of R 6,300 (cancellation fee applies)