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Stunt Coordinators
Our Stunt coordinators are more than your typical, fly by night, crash and burn stunt team. We create most exciting and effective action sequences in a realistic and safest ways possible. Contact DSS for more about Stunt Coordinating Services 
Fight Choreographers
We have highly trained fight choreographers for both stage combat as well as for Film and Television sequences. We train actors to provide true character portrayals, along with technical support, research and planning. Contact DSS for more about Fight Choreography Services

Second Unit Directors
The fact that Second Unit Directors will direct chalenging sequences, especially in action movies, which often feature many shots with car chases, explosions, and special effects, but ver little dialogue if at all. For this reason, our second unit directors are former or still stunt coordinators. Our Second Unit Directors are highly trained, skilled professionals who believe there is no challenge that can't be overcome or any idea that can't be accomplished. Contact DSS for more about Second Unit Director Services 
Stunt Performers
We have accredited, highly trained and professional stunt performers for quality assurance. Our experienced stunt team can perform falls, tumbles, fights, horse stunts, car stunts, burns, water stunts, wire work and much more. Contact DSS for more about Stunt Performing Services 
Martial Artists
We can provide you with martial artists for your martial arts film, stage combat or action film characterized by extensive fighting scenes employing various types of martial arts. Martial arts film stars can be classified into two types: genuine martial artists who pursued a filming career, versus regular actors who performed in martial arts film under the directions of fight choreographers and stunt coordinators. Contact DSS for more about Martial Artist Services 
Dance Choreographers
Our multi- Award winning choreographers have extensive choreographic experience in a variety of settings, including film and stage choreography. They have choreographed genres such as musical productions, hip hop, African dance, contemporary, tap, jazz, and other popular kinds of dance. Contact DSS for more about Dance Choreography Services

At Dimensional Stunt School we can offer you a series of professional services. We strongly believe that creativity coupled with knowledge, experience and this can-do attitude is the key to our success. As we tailor our services to your needs,
please contact us specifying your requirements.