Student Application

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Please fill in the form below as completely as possible, then click on the "submit this form" button below to send the form to us.


Student Information
Fee-Payer's or Next Of Kin's Work Details
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If Yes, please enter the course name and the year attended
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Listening Skills
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Health and Safety
Behavioral and Etiquette
Enrollment Checklist

Due to the nature and demand of our courses, we can only consider reserving a place for an applicant to enroll at Dimensional Stunt School if the following documents have been submitted to us and the application is complete in all respects.
• 4 X Certified photocopies of the applicant's ID or Passport
• 4 X ID or Passport photographs of the applicant.
• 2 X certified photocopies of the fee-payer's ID or passport.
• A copy of the fee-payer's salary slip or 3 months bank statements.( with the Bank Stamp)
• Payment of the relevant application fee ( Non Refundable)
• 4 X Certified photocopies of the applicant's Highest School Level
• 2 X Certified photocopies for each of the applicant's certificates

WARNING: It is an offense to submit fraudulent documentation in support of a Course Application. Where fraudulent documents are detected the application will be rejected; any offer of enrollment will be withdrawn; and the matter may be reported to CTMP; the SAPS; and SA Law Enforcement

Application Fees

Please note that our application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE
Course Description: Course Code: Application Fee:
• NQF Level 4 Stunt Training Course with Business Skills DSS01 ZAR 1000.00
• NQF Level 4 Foundation Stunt Training Course FSTC ZAR 750.00
• Film Action Training Course FAC ZAR 420.00
• Stunt Kidz School Holiday Programme KHP ZAR 250.00
• Fire Stunt Training Course FTC ZAR 450.00
• Stunt Driving Course SDC ZAR 600.00
• Stunt Fighting Course SFC ZAR 450.00
• Rope & Wirework Course RWC ZAR 300.00

Our Banking Details

Credit : Dimensional Stunt School
Name of Bank : Nedbank
Branch Name : Sea Point
Branch Code : 106909
Bank Account Number : 1357037856
Reference : Use your full name and course code as reference
e.g. John Doe - DSS01

Terms & Conditions

Full course fees payable 20 days prior to the start of any stunt training course. Cancellations and transfers must be received at least 10 working days before the beginning of any course. Deposit fee is not refundable. Participants who fail to attend the course yet did not submit their cancellations, will be liable for the full course fee.

I understand that:

  • I shall not hold Dimensional Stunt School responsible for the consequences of any inaccuracies or incorrect information provided. I further confirm that I am medically fit and that I am able to perform the appraisal for admission onto the course, for which I have applied, which I understand to be physically demanding.
  • All safety precautions will be taken but in the unlikely event of injury to myself, I will not hold D.S.S (Dimensional Stunt School), it’s staff or it's organisers responsible, provided the D.S.S and staff apply Highest and Best Practice at all times;
  • In stunt training and stunt work, I may be exposed to risks that may result in personal injury, expenses and loss.
  • I am responsible for my own safety in comprehending and applying all information, instructions and directions by D.S.S. trainers and instructors;
  • D.S.S. may vary aspects of, or terminate the stunt training Course for good reason without liability to me, in the event D.S.S or its trainers deem this necessary for protecting myself and/or others;
    I will not during training take any alcohol, drugs or medications that might effect my judgement and/or performance at training;
  • I am in excellent health and have no physical, mental or comprehension injuries, defects or deformities, or any other condition which may detrimentally affect my performance;
  • I am not insured in any way by D.S.S. and I am responsible for arranging at my own cost, any personal health, injury, loss of income and property insurance.

NB! All fees are payable per contract and schedule. These are available on request and/or are provided with your acceptance letter. It is important to note that the fee is fully inclusive and the student will be provided with all the necessary materials, facilities and equipment.

Complete the application forms and fax them to us, together with proof of deposit / or full payment. To (Fax: 086 684 50 86 or 021 425 64 31

  • I confirm that the information contained in this document is to the best of my knowledge, true and correct.
  • I, the undersigned, hereby consent that: Dimensional Stunt School will be entitled to verify the information contained on this Application Form and make whatever enquiries it deems necessary regarding the Student’s creditworthiness with any credit bureau.
  • Dimensional Stunt School, including its holding, affiliated, or subsidiary companies, will be entitled to furnish any information in relation to any account of the Student with Dimensional Stunt School, including the Student’s creditworthiness and details with respect to how the Student has conducted their account with Dimensional Stunt School and the Student’s compliance or otherwise with these conditions, to any other creditor or to one or more credit bureau.
  • If the signatory to this agreement is not the Student, then I, as the signatory, agree to bind myself jointly and severally, as surety and co-principal debtor, with the Student to Dimensional Stunt School for the due fulfillment of all and any obligations of the Student to Dimensional Stunt School.

Application Complete

To submit this application, click on the "Submit this application" button below. Thank you for taking the time to complete the online application. We will get back to you shortly to confirm your application.

NB! Please fax or email all supporting documents as outlined above to the following email address or fax number as soon as you have completed this application, to ensure that your application is successfull.